The lightbulb moment

After years of working in salons and realising the need for a quick and easy hairbrush which detangled hair without tugging and pulling, Shaun had a ‘lightbulb moment’ in 2003 which kick-started his research and development for the first professional detangling hair tool. The fun brand name came from chatting to a client in the salon chair. Shaun wanted something short and catchy… and changing the spelling to TEEZER rather than TEASER added some extra fizz to his idea.


"We're Out" - Bad News from The Dragons

In 2007 Shaun entered the Dragons Den to present his idea for the world’s first detangling hairbrush. Not entirely successful, the dragons turned him down, with Peter Jones branding the idea as hair-brained and James Caan calling it a waste of time.

Despite the criticism, viewers loved the brush and the website was flooded with visitors after the show. The experience certainly didn’t hold Shaun back and if anything spurred him on to drive his ideas forward.


The Original Launches

All the hard work paid off later in 2007 when The Original officially launched and was stocked in high street store, Boots.

This was a real turning point for the business as it offered the innovation a commercial seal of approval, and was soon followed with launches into high-profile salon chains Toni & Guy and Regis.

In the next 12 months professional and consumer sales in the UK showed rapid growth and Tangle Teezer began exporting brushes worldwide. A whopping 35,000 brushes were sold in the company’s first year.

At the time, The Original only existed in two colours; pink or black. Rumour has it that the pink was only made because the factory ran out of black plastic. Serendipity indeed.


Not Stopping At One Brush

Not stopping at just one hairbrush, Shaun continued to invent.

In 2010, after listening to customer feedback, he created two new hairbrushes; the Compact Styler, a smaller, handbag-friendly version of The Original.

He also created a children’s detangling brush that they could hold and use themselves, the Magic Flowerpot.


A Fashionable Collaboration & An Innovative Styling Tool

There was a fashion first for Tangle Teezer in 2015 with its very first designer collaboration. Quirky British designer, Lulu Guinness, designed a Compact Styler with one of her signature lip prints, marking our first foray into the world of fashion.

2015 also welcomed another breakthrough in innovation. This time a completely new kind of tool aimed at taking the hair from wet to dry and achieving a perfect, naturally smooth and gentle blow-dry. The Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool launched in a full and half size paddle hairbrush and picked up five industry awards in its first year worldwide.


10 Years Of Fabulous Hair

It was the year we celebrated 10 years of fabulous hair.

Launching The Original a decade ago, we’ve gone on to create a three step hairbrush brand!

This year saw the launch of our 10th product (by coincidence!) called the Back-Combing Hairbrush.

Sitting in Step 3, it’s perfect for everyday use or taking your style to new heights.

To round off a super successful year, we also scooped four beauty awards for Thick & Curly, The Original, Blow-Styling Round Tool and The Ultimate.


Tangle Teezer expands in Australia

Juno Laboratories is appointed as Tangle Teezer’s sole distributor for the Australian market.

Juno supply Tangle Teezer to selected Priceline, David Jones, Amcal Pharmacy, Hairhouse, Price Attack stores, MECCA online, hair salons, independents and pharmacies nationally.

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