Plant Brush

Most plastics are made from fossil fuels, which we know contributes to climate change. But there are more and more plant-based alternatives being developed, which come from natural, renewable sources. It’s always been our mission to reinvent the way all hair is cared for, a stroke of genius at a time and we’re very excited to announce that another genius tool is coming from Tangle Teezer.

The Plant Brush, made from innovative, plant-based materials, for faster detangling with less hair breakage is the next step in our sustainable journey, and it’s available now!

Plant-based doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality - not on our watch - because the Plant Brush still features our unique two-tiered teeth technology, designed to effortlessly detangle and care for your hair. It’s a stroke of genius and a stroke of good.

Kinder to the planet? Check. Fully recyclable*? Check. Same Tangle Teezer touch? CHECK! Learn more about the Plant Brush